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Welcome to PAC-COMM

On almost a daily basis, data and information available to business continues to increase. PAC-COMM provides data services: data profiling, email validation, data cleansing, mailing lists, address verification. This suite of services is directed at a variety of timely information topics that effect important aspects of marketing and retention. Email validation services deal with the increasingly important aspect of email quality so critical to the ever large world of e-commerce. Additionally, since direct mail continues to be central to over half of all customer and prospect communication, we offer an array or targeted mailing lists as well as our very advanced address hygiene cleansing system: BASICS.

With over 20 years experience in providing information solutions to over 50 businesses and non-profit organizations, PAC-COMM has built a reputation for also providing data solutions to common marketing and sales problems, including:

  • Too few customers, customer acquisition and ROI poor
  • Customer churn too high, customer retention too low
  • Cross-selling, up-selling conversion rates too low
  • Current / future market potential for products / services unknown or uncertain

About Us

PAC-COMM focuses on customer centric problems, issues rather than systemic programs, platforms, and comprehensive external or cloud accessed applications. Some PAC-COMM clients employ CRM platforms like Sales force,, which offer generic data solutions as part of their platforms but lack “tailored” client specific services as:


  • Identification of data sources, elements important in achieving specific sales / revenue goals
  • Tailored data augmentation / enrichment programs for B2B, B2C businesses
  • Customer centric analytics using extensive 3rd party data
  • Data enrichment applications, for inbound / outbound marketing
  • Business intelligence: metrics creation, reporting


That’s where we come in.
PAC-COMM provides fast information based solutions to B2B, B2C customer bottom line problems.



PAC-COMM assesses, prescribes, develops, and makes operational small to large data augmentations tailored to current client IT capabilities. Resulting data augmentations provide information solutions that result in improved response to both outbound and inbound marketing and sales efforts. Our information applications also include cost reduction strategies, more insightful BI applications, improved ROI, advanced customer acquisition and retention programs, customer churn reduction, improved customer loyalty, and more robust CRM strategies and programs.

PAC-COMM Information Solutions

PAC-COMM: The Uses, ROI Advantages of 3rd Party Data Enhancement

PAC-COMM, located in McLean, VA (next to Washington DC), is a provider of information services as well as a major enhancement / augmentation provider to companies managing both B2B and B2C customers. PAC-COMM is major service provider with services like data profiling, email vailidation, data cleansing, address verification, mailing lists. PAC-COMM developed the MarketBASE enhancement or augmentation system to provide companies with superior data enrichment. The MarketBASE system is becoming one of the standards by which customer enhancement is judged. When individual companies append desired business or consumer information to only 30% -50% of company records, the PAC-COMM system appends 85%-95%.

The white paper discusses the many marketing and sales uses of advanced (multi-compiler) enhancement. As long as match rates are significantly high, CRM management, customer retention / acquisition, cross and up-selling, churn reduction, are significantly improved. As the white paper illustrates, many business objectives are significantly improved through 3rd party augmentation. Anyone looking to advance their CRM performance generally are advised to read the white paper. Our data profiling, email validation, data cleansing, address verification, mailing lists services also advance CRM performance.

“PAC-COMM’s work has made a very positive difference in that they bring a powerful perspective to both commercial and not-for-profit success. Their strategic and tactical knowledge derived from data and analysis guiding market positioning and marketing organization, programs, campaigns and initiatives was invaluable to the company where I served as SVP for Marketing & Communications”. – Michael Scanlon, CEO, SSA

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