Information & Data Services

PAC-COMM not only offers “marketing solution” programs, but also provides data processing, enhancement, data hygiene, and other data services. These information services are extensive and organized according to the following headings (for detailed descriptions of all data services).   Click here

Suppression Services

DMA, pander suppression, TPS/DNC suppression, deceased coding, merge – match suppression

Data Hygiene & Address Quality Services

NCOALink LACSLink, PCOA (PAC-COMM Change of Address), CASS, DPV, DSF2 AEC, ASC, Best Address, Out of Business coding

Data Enhancement Services

Consumer and business overlay, residential phone appending, residential phone verification, reverse residential phone appending, area code updating, consumer cable appending, phantom match, apartment appending, OPAC, business professional overlay and matching, business phone appending/verification

Email Address Appending

Residential email address appending, business email address appending

Data Processing Services

merge/purge, presort/inkjet ready output, geo-coding, radius appending, list fulfillment

Canadian Services

Canadian COA, Canadian do not mail/call suppression, Canadian phone appending/verification, Canadian demographic appending

Address Verification System is used to verify individuals details that are provided by a customer. Just a small typo mistake in contacts can put you cost and time. Pac-Comm address verification services are in US. That technique has use to reject vociferous junk mails and unreplyable sender adresses. It takes data and generates real full addresses. To protect yourself from the fraudulent customer this system help to fight with them.

For additional questions regarding any of these or other data processing services, please contact Teresa Roemer at